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Reverse Osmosis vs Bottled Water

Our goal is to ensure we create awareness about the water we consume each day, and provide the means for easy access to fresh source of healthy purified water, while making a substantial impact against plastic waste. At Aura we are passionate about great tasting, healthy water and always here to answer any questions.

Reverse Osmosis vs Bottled Water

Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology which produces ultra-pure, healthy drinking water, enjoyed by millions of people around the world every day.

Many of the well known and speciality bottled water brands use reverse osmosis during their manufacturing stage, this is because of the efficiency and high purity level of the water it produces. Additionally, reverse osmosis is used in large scale industries such as soft drinks and food manufacturing.

Whichever, bottled water or speciality drink you choose, there is a very high chance that it has been through the reverse osmosis process. Let’s take a look at some of the everyday well known brands, which make use of reverse osmosis technology.

1- Penta Ultra-Purified Water
Penta water transforms naturally sourced water through a purification process which includes: micron filtration, reverse osmosis, and deionization. The PH level of this brand ranges between 7-8.

2- Propel Water
Propel Water features a water treatment process which includes filtration, reverse osmosis, ozonation, and addition of electrolytes. The pH level of this brand is mentioned to be around 6.9.

3- Dasani
Created by Coca Cola in 1999, Dasani uses municipal water (tap water), and puts it through a multi step filtration process with reverse osmosis at its core, the purified water is then enriched with minerals for added taste. The pH level of this brand is 5.6

4- Nestlé Pure Life
Nestlé Pure Life uses municipal water (tap water), which then undergoes a strict twelve-step purification process, including collection, carbon filtration, reverse osmosis purification, re-mineralisation, and micro-filtration. The pH level of Nestle Pure Life water is 7.3

5- Aquafina Water
Aquafina’s purifying process includes reverse osmosis, ozonation, plus their own additional steps to remove further impurities. Aquafina water has an average Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) reading of 4, which is a great number. This pH level of Aquafina water is stated to be 6.0

6- Essentia
Essentia bottled water uses a municipal water (tap water) source and purifies it using reverse osmosis, followed by an addition of healthy electrolytes, and ionization. This brand has a pH level of 9.5 (alkaline).

LIFEWTR is another great reverse osmosis bottled water brand, and features a refreshing taste. This product is purified using reverse osmosis and then re-mineralized, resulting in a clean pure taste. LIFEWTR water has a pH level of 6.4 - 7.4 (near neutral).

Worldwide we consume millions of bottled purified water each year. There are many reasons why reverse osmosis purified water is a great choice for your home or office. Here are some of those reasons.

Odour-Free Water

You have probably noticed a funny smell in tap water. The odour in tap water is caused by chlorine. Public water sources contain chlorine, to help kill bacteria in our water sources.

Purified water removes all impurities from water including chlorine and other contaminants. Providing you with a odour-free cup of purified water.

The Healthier Option

The reverse osmosis process removes many types of chemicals and physical particles that are not advised for human consumption. Even herbicides and pesticides that are used in the farming industry can make their way into our reservoirs during rainfall and contaminate our water supply. The reverse osmosis process removes, even the smallest of harmful particles from your water supply.

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